Taking Care of Your Child’s Dental Health at Different Stages

When it comes to maintaining dental health, it is important to maintain good dental habit. Dental habits need to be maintained from very early age. Hence, it is very important for the parents to take care of the dental health of their children before they get the first tooth erupted till the growth of the wisdom teeth. If you are successful in taking care of your children’s teeth, they will not only be able to have the best of their oral health but also the overall health. And they will more likely carry good dental habits to later stages of their lives.

Having that said, there are a few important dental milestones for kids. Those milestones are worth mentioning here.

Initial years

You need to take care of your baby’s mouth before even the first tooth erupts. The baby usually relies on the milk. Hence, the buildup of plaque can cover the gums. At this stage, you will need to do nothing more than using a rag to clean the gums.

When the first tooth erupts, you now need to get a child-sized toothbrush. Apply toothpaste of the size of a grain on the toothbrush. The child will not be able to use toothbrush on his/her own. So, you will have to brush that first tooth. You need to increase the amount of toothpaste to the size of a pea when there are multiple teeth in the mouth. At this stage, your child may be able to hold and brush his/her own teeth but you have to be helpful.

Remember, children teeth are more vulnerable against cavities. So you need to take care of your child’s teeth in order to prevent the occurrence of cavities.

Dental visit

Your child needs to be taken to the first dental visit as soon as he/she gets 6 months old. At this stage, the signs of first tooth are usually obvious. At this stage, the pediatric dentist can identify certain dental problems which can bother the dental health of your child in the future. Furthermore, the habits of dental visits will be developed in your child, and he/she will likely continue with this habit in remaining lifetime.

Preteens and teens

These are the years in which child grows tremendously. Hence, the dental structure of the child also undergoes a lot of changes due to this growth. At this age, bad dental habits and dental/oral health conditions can result in the change of structure.  At this age, your child would require proper care from your side. Here, it may difficult for you to identify the right ways to help you kids when it comes to dental and oral health. So you need to keep consulting the dentist to keep things on track.


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